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The World as we know it

Posted by Michael Gaigg

I just love the stereotypes used to create the world as we know it map of the world by Osama Haj jaj). True or not, that's what we associate with these countries and you better have a sip of Tequila and a Taco when you travel to Mexico or watch a soccer game when in Brazil.

The world as we know it


Amazing: National Geographic World Map by Esri

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Yes, I'd rather be skiing in the Austrian Alps as well... 😉 Amazing map!!

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This map is designed to be used as a general reference map for informational and educational purposes as well as a basemap by GIS professionals and other users for creating web maps and web mapping applications.

The map was developed by National Geographic and Esri and reflects the distinctive National Geographic cartographic style in a multi-scale reference map of the world. The map was authored using data from a variety of leading data providers, including DeLorme, NAVTEQ, UNEP-WCMC, NASA, ESA, USGS, and others.

Link to map contents on ArcGIS online: National Geographic World Map