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List of UX Conferences in 2011

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Here a list of interesting User Experience/Usability Conferences in 2011 (thanks to Sooria for sharing):

Do you have any past experiences you'd like to share? Did I miss one? Tell me in the comments!


UIE Web App Masters Tour

Posted by Michael Gaigg

I've been fortunate enough to visit the UIE Web App Masters Tour in San Diego yesterday and today. It's great to see outstanding speakers like Luke Wroblewski (Yahoo!), Stephen Anderson, Julie Zhuo (Facebook), Bill Scott (Netflix), Mark Trammell (Twitter) and others. This is the first of 4 events on the tour with Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Seattle coming up.

Besides meeting fascinating people and hearing lots of good stuff one of my take-aways so far is that web design is shifting. It's been shifting from UI (interface design) and UX (the overall user experience) to social design. It's about the community and not only the individual anymore. It's about communication between many and not presentation of the single per se.

Interesting stuff. Hope I get the time soon to detail out some more.