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VIDEO: User Experience and Interface Design for Map Apps

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Recording from Esri Developer Summit 2017 (Palm Springs) - Tech Session

This session will cover design principles specific to mapping applications. Real-world examples serve as a guide to creating solutions that are more useful, compelling, and easy to use. You will receive first-hand insights into our design methodologies, techniques and processes and learn tips and tricks on how improving the cartography of your map will make your application truly stand out.

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The Future of Travel Sites?

Posted by Michael Gaigg

What an amazing 2 minute video presentation of What a Travel Site Should Look Like (thanks to James Killick for sending this link) as featured in Wired magazine.


Video: Map App UI Design

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Here is the video from the tech session I held at the Esri DevSummit 2013 in Palm Springs, CA.

The session teaches participants best practices for reviewing, conceptualizing, designing and building user-centered mapping applications in a competitive business environment. Methods, techniques and tools for improving the user experience and designing useful and appealing front-end interfaces will be discussed.


Innovative Interfaces: Future of Farming

Posted by Michael Gaigg

John Deere has done a very nice job with a video called "Farm Forward – Future of Farming". The subject is directly related to design work I'm doing right now and it's fascinating to see that - futuristic features aside - most of the capabilities like combining weather data with GIS and field scouting exist already. Love it!


Highlights of Week 30/2011

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Designing a Stop Sign [Video]

Posted by Michael Gaigg

aka 'Welcome to my life'

Disclaimer: Any similarity to projects and designs living or dead is purely coincidental.

PS.: My absolute favorite is the dude swallowing his snack "...and a web address, in case people want more info".

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