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Highlights of Week 30/2011

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Highlights of Week 22/2011

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List of UX Conferences in 2011

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Here a list of interesting User Experience/Usability Conferences in 2011 (thanks to Sooria for sharing):

Do you have any past experiences you'd like to share? Did I miss one? Tell me in the comments!


Highlights of Week 02/2011

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Happy New Year and welcome back. After a wonderful family vacation in Austria, Europe (and white Christmas) I'm back and pleased to share my insights and what I'm learning for myself on a daily basis with you. As always, if you have an interesting article or link you want to bring to my attention, post it in the comments or tweet @michaelgaigg.


Highlights of Week 36/2010

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Highlights of Week 28/2010

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Highlights of Week 27/2010

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As always, send me your link or mention it in the comments. Anything related to this blog is much appreciated by all of us. Thanks!


Highlights of Week 26/2010

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HTML5 and the Future of Adobe Flash [and Silverlight]

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Really interesting research note by Gartner.

Key findings:

  • HTML5 will become the mainstream of the Web during the next decade.
  • HTML5 is a potential threat to the continued adoption of plug-in based RIA approaches (including Flash/Silverlight).


  • Enterprises should try avoid becoming dependent on any one browser or client-side technology.
  • Enterprise developers should “design for standards” and not browsers or runtimes.
  • Developers should favor the lightest-weight technology that will meet their requirements.
  • Architects should consider hybrid approaches […]
  • Before purchasing or committing to a new UI technology or platform, enterprises should first invest in a user-centered design process based on objective data about user behavior.

Complete Analysis: http://www.adobe.com/enterprise/pdfs/html5_flash.pdf

On a personal note I especially like the following part (btw: brilliantly written):

The average enterprise will continue to make ineffective use of any and all available UI technologies.

The average enterprise will continue to make ineffective use of any and all available UI technologies.


Highlights of Week 12/2010

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I'm still feeling enriched by the exciting sessions presented at the Web App Masters Tour in San Diego. Check out Luke's notes of all the 9 sessions presented - fantastic!

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