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Download: User-centered Design Menu

Posted by Michael Gaigg

User-centered Design Menu

User-centered Design Menu

Welcome back!

This time I literally have a special treat for you: the User-centered Design (UCD) menu. It's like a menu that your clients can choose from and range from inexpensive ($) to rather expensive ($$$$).

Tip: Please digest slowly and most importantly: ENJOY!

Download: UCD Menu (PDF)


Every Proposal is the entrance to something great.

Paper Prototyping $$

Hand-drafted mockups and sketches, carefully selected and laid out, sautéed with your ideas.

UX Storyboarding $

A portion of your end-users and their needs
topped with their stories and actual problems.

Heuristic Evaluation $

Draft designs, wireframes or fully implemented systems
evaluated by a choice of 2-3 hand-picked experts.

Survey $

Freshly picked set of questions, sliced to identify
your users and their needs, served with lots of insights.

Main Courses

Let us delight your users with our house specialties.

Rapid Prototyping $$$

Lightly functional demos or prototypes,
served in high or low fidelity, grilled to perfection.

Usability Testing $$$

Home-made end-user observations that feed
right into the next design iteration, served by 3-5 users.

Focus Group $$$

Choice of nutritional opinions and beliefs,
shared and discussed by a group of people.

Field Study $$$$

Real end-user behavior observations collected by
following people in their daily job and environment.

Card Sorting $$$

Delicious index cards sprinkled with individual
concepts, tossed into meaningful piles, served hot.

Server Log & Search Log Analysis $$

Crisp log statistics piled high with insights of
user’s navigation and search behavior. Very tasty!

Chef’s recommendation:

Make the User a stakeholder!
Involving the user early and throughout the cooking process will improve the experience and usability of your app and save you and your client money.

18% gratuity added to projects of 250k or more.

Please ask your server for the recommended selection of user-centered design methods that suits your project.


Windows 8 UX design guidelines

Posted by Michael Gaigg

The Windows 8 UX design guidelines are out. They are part of the Dev Center for Metro style apps and provide some nice learning resources that include

  • Design Principles - Understand the basic principles of great Metro style app design.
  • UX patterns - Learn how to correctly implement common patterns in Metro style apps like navigation, commanding, and touch interactions.
  • UX guidelines - Discover recommendations and requirements for building Metro style apps with the proper look, feel, and user-interaction model.
  • Downloading design assets - Get started designing apps quickly with a portfolio of reusable wireframes, redlines, fonts, and other useful design resources.
  • Assessing usability of apps - Assess your app's design to ensure the user experience is outstanding, and that users will find it useful, usable, and desirable.

World Usability Day 2011

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Today is World Usability Day. Check out online events.

It's about making our world work better!

This is a reminder that we must develop technologies and experiences in a way that serves people first!

Lot's has been said about Steve Jobs and how he was an innovator and leader of easier to use software and hardware. I think he was just somebody that asked the right questions and had the power to translate them into consumer products (well, impressive enough I guess).

The questions we all should ask more often - and we cannot be afraid to ask over and over again if we didn't understand - are WHY and WHAT. Only after figuring these questions out we are able to design, improve and innovate the HOW.

With that: Happy Usability Day!


Highlights of Week 22/2011

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Highlights of Week 21/2011

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List of UX Conferences in 2011

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Here a list of interesting User Experience/Usability Conferences in 2011 (thanks to Sooria for sharing):

Do you have any past experiences you'd like to share? Did I miss one? Tell me in the comments!


World Usability Day 2010

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Today is World Usability Day. Check out online events and all the other events worldwide.


So many things are broken nowadays. We learned to live with it, blame ourselves and just fit in. But it doesn't have to be like that!


Raise awareness for making things (and by things I mean pretty much anything that surrounds us, not only technology) easier, more self-explanatory, working. Technology has to serve us not the other way around!


Teach your children to solve problems! Teach them to understand what they are doing, saying, arguing, using. Teach them to make educated decisions, to be critical about anything shiny, fancy, to not follow a hype blindly. Teach your children to think in the people they work with and to communicate well.

Teach our children what we are doing today and tomorrow will be (even) brighter.


Highlights of Week 44/2010

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Highlights of Week 38/2010

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Highlights of Week 27/2010

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