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Esri Cup 2013 – We are the Champions…

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Winners of the Esri Cup 2013: Red Bull Redlands

Winners of the Esri Cup 2013: Red Bull Redlands

Finally a team was able to break the spell, GiS (Geeks in Soccer) were beaten for the first time in Esri Cup history and I am glad to say that it was us that eliminated them in a strong semi-final game (7:5) just to pave the way into the final.

The trophy found its way to where it belongs: my office ;)

The trophy found its way to where it belongs: my office 😉

Once again the tournament was great fun and an amazing "work" event. For the first time we played indoors which is a whole different game that favors the technical, futsal-style players.


Esri World Cup 2010

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Red Bull Redlands

From left: Monika Nientiedt, Joseph Vargas, Evelyn Guido, Diane Samu, Val Dotchkov; Francisco Perez, Alexei Olekh, Ventislav Korichkov, Selim Dissem, Michael Gaigg

Yesterday we played the first Esri World Cup, an Esri internal co-ed soccer (football) tournament with 10 teams and players ranging from super-athletes to old-time veterans and resurrected dinosaurs (myself included).

It was a ton of fun, we saw some great moves and exciting games and best of all - we made second place - whoohooo!

We won our group in a sovereign manner and beat the second place team of the other group 7:2 in the semi final. Moving to the final we faced the expected opponent - GiS (Geeks in Soccer) - the strongest team of the tournament and anticipated winner just by looking at their roster and experience.

We held the 0:0 for quite some time until a long pass outmaneuvered our defense which led to the 0:1, followed minutes later by a disputable penalty kick (0:2). We managed to shorten to 1:2 just before half-time and basically played power-play in second half when GiS changed their strategy to holding the result with an ultra-strong defense and counter attacks, one of which resulted in the final 1:3 and secured their win. Congrats!