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Happy 5th Anniversary

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Thanks once again for encouraging me to write this blog, this really keeps me going! THANK YOU!

The last year was amazing. We were fortunate enough to hire two outstanding and very talented individuals, Jayson Ward and Cody Lawson, which made the team stronger and better than ever before 🙂

I also started a blog about Map UI Patterns where I summarize and publish my experience by describing common patterns, principles, and practices when working with map apps.

Highlights from last year

Map UI Patterns


Happy 4th Anniversary

Posted by Michael Gaigg

I can't believe yet another year has passed and I haven't given up adding stuff to this blog - and this is only because of YOU! I'm excited hearing about your experiences and your ideas, reading your feedback and suggestions. Thanks so much and keep 'em coming!

Here is a short list of highlights from the past year and some of my personal favorites!

Highlights from last year

Personal Favorites