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Touch Event Support for jQuery UI

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Problem: jQuery UI doesn't support touch gestures

We are customizing a map application with swipe functionality which is based on some legacy code mash-up with dojo and jquery/jquery ui. Everything was nice and dandy until we tried swiping on the iPad for the first time. Bad awakening. jQuery UI user interface library does not support the use of touch events in their widgets and interactions. This means that our mouse event simply don't work on touch devices. One might think the jQuery toolkit would take care of it... but no!


Solution A: For every mouse/keyboard event, provide the equivalent touch event: touchstart, touchmove, touchend,...

Solution B: Use a hack called jQuery UI Touch Punch that adds simulated events (that mimic touch events) to your app and respond to the mouse events you already have in your app. It's really simple:

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.7.2.min.js"></script>
<script src="http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.8.21/jquery-ui.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.ui.touch-punch.js"></script>

Add the jquery and jquery ui libraries (if you don't have them already or if you use older versions) plus the reference to your local copy of the touch-punch file (download the Development version!!)

Solution C: Go to github and get the really nice swipe story map template which works "out of the box" (but didn't satisfy our complex requirements)


Evaluation: iPad 2 for Designers

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Along the way I was able to test the iPad 2 to see if it would add value to the life of a designer/developer.

My Goal

My goal was to find out whether I could increase my productivity by using an iPad (2) during my daily routine at work (meetings, workshops, drafting, coding). I wanted to find out if it makes sense during a meeting to scribble on the tablet and be done before I return to my office, if my team mates can collaborate (comment, enhance, brainstorm) with me faster and more efficient and overall if the little black gadget saves me time and energy.

First Impression

My first objective was to install only free apps related to my field. This task alone turned out to be really cumbersome using the iStore. So I turned to the web and found plenty of nice blogs suggesting apps, some of these apps really powerful but other apps turned out to have switched to (outrageous) paid mode.

Next I looked into paid apps and the possibility to snatch a free trial by contacting their customer service. NO WAY JOSE. I was turned down with the argument that iStore controls the distribution of the apps and doesn't allow free trials - what a downer!! Can anybody confirm this? Are there alternatives I haven't thought of?

Thirdly I installed apps that I though might be useful for general tasks like note-taking, document sharing, etc.


I started bringing the little black gadget to meetings and started playing around with it during breaks. Whenever I saw a colleague with an iPad I asked for their experiences using it in a professional setting.

I installed the following apps:


Description: Any of the following types can be stored as 'notes': Browser, Canvas, Calculator, Note, Tasks, Map
Features: Share by email, save to photo library, publish to posterous or dropbox
Facit: really useful


Description: tool to create mockups very similar to Balsamiq (that I use)
Features: share by email and then export to balsamiq
Facit: no import from balsamiq in free version


Description: sketch anything on a map and let the map use this as the area of interest and show restaurant choices
Facit: not really a productivity tool, but i was intersted to see it because a map was involved

SketchPad lite

Description: sketch simple to complex geometries
Facit: didn't quite see the use of it in our workflows

GoToMeeting & TeamViewer

Description: both are meeting/sharing applications and very useful
Facit: nothing that the laptop couldn't do

To Do's Lite

Description: Create todo lists
Facit: didn't see how to share/sync this list, ads are ok, not really distracting and if it helps to pay a free version I'm fine with it


Description: nice todo list organizer
Features: see your own 'notebook' or your friend's, sync with your email account or share via facebook/twitter
Facit: good organizer


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Maestros, at this point a quick note that I will be back writing my own content shortly (have quiet some stuff in my queue). So long, the highlights of week 6/2010: