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Highlights of Week 20/2011

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Ultimate Midnight Coders Music Compilation!

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Help creating the Ultimate Music Compilation

I need your help! What is your ultimate "Get-on-track-song"?

Working late hours, dealing with brutal clients, blacking out over an impossible bug or passing out on the keyboard, sounds familiar? Ever since music cheered me up, changed my mood, told me to look on the bright side or just lifted my spirits and carried me away for a moment so I could successfully continue or start over again.

Yes, I do have playlists for every mood and task, and sure enough I have my favorites. But I figured, I would love to create the ultimate compilation and I for that I need your help!

Suggest a song that cannot be missed

Tell me, what is your favorite song and why? Add it to the comments section and I will consider it for the final selection.

Compilation so far

Towers of London - F**k it up!

(Selim D.)

As really mellow version of the original hard rock it helps you easing the pain after a co-worker has f**ked up something (usually breaking the code that you've finally finished after days of hard work) and freeing you of wishing this person a slow and painful death.

Twisted Sisters - Were Not Gonna Take It

Enough is enough. Man, do those feature requests drive me nuts. A button here, a label change there, one user couldn't see that image - no, we're not gonna take it... anymore!

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

"I get knocked down, but I get up again." What else could serve as a better psycho-hygiene. Sing along, well, shout along and feel the air ventilating your brain again. Yes, it's not that bad, you will get up again.

Deorro - Five Hours

(Reiman Rabbani)

Got another stretch of work ahead of you? This song will keep you going like a Volkswagen... just don't fall into the trap to watch the video or you'll get hypnotized like me and need a beautiful frog to kiss you back to life from your trance (or something like that).

KONGOS - Come with Me Now

(Allan Laframboise)

Afraid to lose control? Come with me now! This song kicks you in the butt when you need it. Don't think yourself to death, dont' delay, just come with me now.

Salt N Pepa - Push It (Original)

(Real-Time Analytics Team)

Getting ready for a release? Scrambling to push this code up there? You better push it good... push it real good!