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Highlights of Week 30/2011

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The Executive Seagull Effect

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Everybody knows it, everybody has seen it.

A dedicated team of talented and smart people has been working on a project many long and sweaty hours, when during the final design meeting a high executive comes in, swoops and poops and disappears again.

Every design detail was thought out well, the navigation was close to perfect and numerous hours were spent in researching and validating usability. And then...

  • Make the logo bigger!
  • It's not shiny enough!
  • Put some smiling faces on the front page!
  • Why don't you try red instead of this xyz?
  • Can we make it a little more flashy?
  • Include a diagram about how the site works!
  • I'm really missing some more descriptive text here.

Know more? I'm sure you do...


Highlights of Week 11/2010

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