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Highlights of Week 02/2010

Posted by Michael Gaigg

  • Does usability exist? How Usability is like Intelligence (by Jeff Sauro) - very interesting analogy to intelligence and a first approach to relating the three usability areas Effectiveness, Efficiency and Satisfaction and how (and how much) they contribute to Usability 'u'.
  • The Case Against Vertical Navigation (by Louis Lazaris) - While I think the argumentation in this blog article is mislead by current design trends and biased in some way, I find 'shaking our world' good from time to time so we can re-think the way we're used to doing things.
  • Bad Usability Calendar 2010 - What would be the New Year without another one of their great Usability Calendars - Enjoy!
  • Curating Comments Threads (by Chris Coyier) - interesting discussion and good points about how to make comments more meaningful.
  • Live, Free webcast: Confessions of a Public Speaker - Probably you've heard already, Scott Berkun has his book out, and he's offering a free, 90 min. webcast about it, don't miss, sign up now.
  • The future of UI will be boring (by Scott Berkun) - Scott seems to be on mushrooms lately judging by the level of activity. Here another really good read about the future of UI design, love the 'rookie trap'.
  • jQuery 1.4 has been released (by John Resig) - right in time for jQuery's birthday, big news for a great JavaScript library, better iframe support, flexible events. My tip: get it!!
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Highlights of week 50/2009

Posted by Michael Gaigg

Every day I run into fantastic articles and stumble across hilarious and must-see web sites. I'm amazed how much great content is created and maintained hour by hour, day by day. I wish I had more time to read and learn more, not to mention synthesize and write about it.

That's why I start this weekly thread that will summarize all the goodies & greats - in short: Highlights - of the week so you can skim through them during a spare minute on the weekend or first thing Monday morning.

I try to cover all my basic interests (UCD, Usability, Accessibility, Web development, Code samples, Business, Marketing, Social web, Technical news, Philosophy and whatever else I run into 😉 Feel free to share interesting links and bring special content to my attention - I'd love hearing from you.

So here we go,

Highlights for week 50 of the year 2009