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HTML5 Boilerplate

Posted by Michael Gaigg


When starting a new project it will probably take you at least 15-20 minutes of getting your stuff together. Many times I found that exactly these routine tasks are the most annoying which keep us from being productive (and happy). So, go get the html5boilerplate.com and be happy 🙂

This project by 5 driven guys, Nicolas Gallagher, Hans Christian Reinl, Mathias Bynens, Paul Irish, Cãtãlin Mariş, and Divya Manian is a great starting point for any HTML based web development. Simply awesome!

The boilerplate bundle includes:

  • Directory structure (index file, img dir, js dir, css dir, etc.)
  • CSS reset using normalize.css
  • HTML5 feature detection through Modernizr
  • jQuery JavaScript framework (link to Google's CDN + local fallback)
  • Google Analytics snippet (just replace your own id)
  • Other really useful tips and tricks for better development