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Imagine You Are Somebody Clever

A Vision and Role-Model

One can argue about the scientific value of the space jump endeavor which without doubt was a big payoff for Red Bull and Felix Baumgartner. But one thing shouldn't be missed: somebody with vision worked hard, risked a lot and by combining skill and technology achieved something outstanding. The jump was well prepared, a team of engineers and specialists worked over 5 years to make it happen.

"I want to inspire the next generation. I want to be in mission control with someone younger than me wanting to break my record." Felix

What seemed to look easy was a leap to remember, especially in times when we feel overwhelmed or scared, disillusioned or tired. Take a step back, zoom out, breathe and jump...

Imagine you are somebody clever

But here is the real lesson: Try to be a hero, try to be a genius, try to be somebody clever! This isn't as crazy as you think, it's actually the outcome of a popular research study by Robert Hartley where he and his team split children into two groups asking them the exact same questions except one group of kids was asked to imagine they were somebody clever, to "act as if they were clever".

The outcome was that this group performed significantly better than the other, as Hartley states: "Adopting another's perspective enables one to explore other ways of acting, thus in one's imagination one can temporarily disengage from the habitual perspective one usually assumes. This allows the person the opportunity to give considered thought to what he might do (p. 191) and actively reconstruct the situation from this other perspective." And further "[...] the sense of identity exerts a controlling influence over the intellectual choices one makes, the mental abilities one is willing to reveal and what one feels one can or cannot do in particular circumstances."

The Lesson

Remember the following picture and how Felix must have felt. He did it, you can do it too!

Next time you feel nervous...

Next time you feel nervous...

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