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There is a Fly in my Urinal – Questions?

On my last trip to Europe I discovered a fly in my urinal (sorry ladies, no offense). I was surprised and a little amazed and ended up aiming for this little critter. Yes, according to Urinalfly these things "keep bathrooms up to 85% cleaner [...] by locating the fly correctly in the urinal, splashback is significantly reduced". I guess it worked, at least for my.

Fly in the urinal (Munich Airport)

Fly in the urinal (Munich Airport)

Smart, huh? Now take this:

Questions above the urinal (SeaWorld, San Diego)

Questions above the urinal (SeaWorld, San Diego)

Sea World in San Diego, CA took a different approach in keeping their 'customers' distracted: they installed little frames with question about animal conservation above the urinals. Yes, after I was done with 'my' question my eyes wondered off to my 'neighbors' question. Do NOT picture any possible implications for the cleaning personal, it wasn't like that...

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